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35 amazing solid-colored manicure trends

Most of the time it’s hard to decide what kind of nail look to make, but a solid-color manicure is an option that almost never goes wrong. Why is that? First of all, the production of a solid-color manicure doesn’t take much time.

Second, pure-color manicures have more room for modification, such as if you don’t like just pure-colored manicures, you can add a different pattern on this basis, rich manicure shape. Finally, the technical content of the pure-color manicure is relatively low, it can be done at home on its own, the cost is lower. Pure-colored manicures can also let you feel refreshing, no burden of decoration, there is no heavy layer of armor oil. So try it in one color.

35 amazing solid-colored manicure trends practical nail color ideas

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