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35 Wonderful and Useful Storage Ideas for You

When it comes to collecting and sorting out, are there messy rooms and countless collecting boxes popping up in my mind? Receiving and tidying is one of the topics that we can’t escape from in our home life. Just as women always think that they are too fat and need to lose weight, they can’t help shouting, “Why can’t things be tidied up forever?” Why is space always insufficient and not big enough? Why does it still look like the whole house is in a mess? The uncollected room is just like the picture above. It seems that the whole room is crowded and disorderly. Some people may laugh that they can smell it across the screen. Dirty and messy environment is likely to be the cause of a person’s body getting worse and fatter, and clean and tidy room is everyone’s desire, then how should the correct collection and arrangement be? Let’s go down and look at it together.

For us, one of the area’s most in need of accommodation is the public living room and private bedroom. Imagine if a friend visits and just enters the living room and finds no corner to sit in. Is it embarrassing? The reception and arrangement of living room is more and trivial public goods, especially for those who have babies at home, it is more headaches, so once they are not carefully tidied up, it seems particularly messy. In the living room, we usually make it according to the frequency of the use of items and the viewing display. Usually, the items with high frequency are within our reach and sight, without bending down to cushion our feet; while the ornamental display items are on our desktop or at the height where we need to crawl with the help of tools.Clothes can be classified into close-fitting small clothes (underwear), single clothes, trousers, coats and skirts. For small clothes, it is more advisable to hang the underwear box, hang it in the wardrobe door, can separate underwear from other clothes in the wardrobe, and open the wardrobe to take convenience, do not need to turn the cupboard to look for. As long as we use some small tools and exert our diligence, everything will be in good order.

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